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Women’s Softball Team⚾


Nippon Sport Science University, NSSU, is one of the most Olympian producing Universities in Japan. The NSSU Softball Program has a men’s division and a women’s division and both have a long tradition.  The Men’s division is celebrating their 59th anniversary, and women’s division their 64th anniversary. This year, our team won the Women’s division All Japan University Softball Championship for the second year. This is the 20th National title won by our University.  


50 year ago, Mr. Shimooku was the first person to teach the windmill pitch method. At the time the windmill pitch was abnormal in the softball world. His teaching began to spread from the very beginning and currently the windmill pitch is the normal style for all pitchers.  


Many past graduates from our softball team are actively involved in corporate-owned softball teams, such as DENSO, HITACHI and BIG CAMERA. Moreover, there are many working as teachers and coaches in Junior high school, high school, University, and business organization teams all around Japan.  


Our softball teams play with 12 freshmen, 14 sophomores, and 13 juniors, for a total of 39 players.  We have practice and games basically Tuesday thru Sunday. Practice on weekdays is after school from 4:30 or 5:30 to 9:00.  Most games are on weekends during the season, which is from April to September.  The theme that we share with pride is “Genuine Heart”, which stands for with having a genuine heart how a person interacts with others and improves as a person though playing softball and spending time together.  Of course, our goal is to be champions.


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be held here next year.  All Japan is very excited to watch the performances and for many foreign players and tourists to visit Japan from all over the world. Of course, softball will be the most exciting part of the Tokyo Olympics for us.


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